Great Circle Coffee Roasts Java in Little Haiti

Clarissa Buch | Miami New Times


Until recently, Miami, compared to other regions, wasn’t considered a destination for quality java. But as the city’s culinary scene flourishes, snagging a cup of joe in the 305 has become increasingly more enjoyable.


There’s Relentless Roasters, a Miami-based wholesale coffee roaster which also runs an iced-coffee food truck; Per’La Specialty Roasters, which recently teamed up with the Setai in Miami Beach to create the hotel’s first exclusive house blend; and an assortment of coffeehouses and hole-in-the-wall java joints contributing to Miami’s unique coffee culture.


New to the scene is Great Circle Coffee, a small-batch, single-origin roaster that set up shop in Little Haiti. Founded by Sergio Boppel, the brand offers a variety of blends, including La Calle, a smooth espresso blend; Finca Teanzul, a Guatemalan-based fusion of orange, chocolate, and brown sugar; and Deep House, a cold brew with a cocoa and citrus aftertaste.

“Things have come a long way in terms of the specialty coffee scene in South Florida,” Boppel says. “There is a growing community, and we’re getting a lot of attention. Miami is so diverse, and is visited by so many people from around the world who love to try new things.”


Many of Great Circle’s beans are sourced from Guatemala and Central America, where Boppel has strong family roots, as well as East Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia. Great Circle also offers blends designed for cold-brew-style coffees, perfect for Miami’s year-round warm weather. All beans are roasted on a Loring Smart Roast, an environmentally conscious roaster that consumes less energy and produces fewer carbon dioxide emissions than traditional machines.


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