Great Gatsby & Prohibition Era Halloween Party at Pawn Broker

Pawn Broker | Downtown


A little party never killed nobody…

Pawn Broker Rooftop Bar is hosting, not one, but TWO Great Gatsby & Prohibition era themed Halloween Parties, so it’s definitely time to get your thinking cap on for your Halloween costume. Their classic cocktail and food menus will be available and so there will be no excuse to not fill up on your weekly dose of  Giggle Water and Love Potion No.10.


The Downtown Miami rooftop’s weekend of partying will be hosted on Saturday, October 29th & Monday October 31st. Doors will swing open at 5pm and the partying goes on till late. Be sure to dress to impress!



Pawn Broker

121 SE, 1st Street

Miami, FL




Saturday, October 29th, 2016 – 5 PM til 2 AM

Monday, October 31st, 5 PM til 12 AM




Wine & Beer



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