Pura Organic Sangria Comes to Miami

by David Minsky | Miami New Times


To most Miamians, ordering sangria usually means getting a glass of cheap wine mixed with chunks of fruit. And, some modern takes on this popular drink have gotten a little out of hand, says Maribel De Armas of M2Brands, Inc., the brand manager for Pura Organic Sangria that’s made its way to the Magic City.


According to De Armas, Pura is a “top-of-the-line” drink consisting of natural orange and lemon juice, natural cane sugar, and wine made from Monastrell grapes organically-grown in Jumilla, Spain. A 750 ml bottle retails between $10-12.


Pura is also the “first” real organic sangria, De Armas says, and is certified as such in Spain. It’s a feature that De Armas says will appeal to those seeking a healthier lifestyle. “In today’s market, everyone’s so health conscious and organic is such a big factor in people’s lives.”


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