Miami Smokers are SOON To Open In The AAA

Photo by Juan Fernando Ayora , BBQ Berkshire Sammie

Miami Smokers | Downtown


 As of Friday, October 21st 2016, Miami Smokers will be setting up base in Miami’s ultimate entertainment venue, the American Airlines Arena. They will have two locations, one on the 100 level, the other on the 300 level. The menu will indulge & satisfy all our smoked pork cravings.


We stopped by Miami Smokers to have a chat with Andres Barrientos one half of Miami’s favorite bacon duo and got all the inside details about their new venues.


1.) How did it come about that Miami Smokers is opening in the American Airlines?

Andreas: The Executive Chef for the AAA heard about our spot and came numerous times to eat before he approached us about having a spot there.


2.) What’s your favorite item on the menu being offered there?

A: The menu is small, buts it’s some of our “greatest hits”… Bacon Wrapped Plantains will surely be a hit there.


3.) So the star of your AAA menu is the BBQ Berk, what was the thought process behind creating it?

A: It was created because we kept getting people coming to the shop expecting BBQ. So we gave the people what they wanted.


4.) Are either of you actually basketball fans? …and Miami Heat fans?

A: Im a playoff sports type of fan, and I can definitely get behind the Heat when they are in the playoffs.


5.) On another note, how do you like to eat your bacon?

A: Candied, or on our BLT.


6.) What are you most looking forward to now that you have two locations in the AAA?

A: Looking forward to the new exposure. We are going to be available to more people that wouldn’t normally come to Little Havana.


7.) What’s been the most exciting part about opening these two new locations?

A: It always fun for us to build new props.


The American Airlines arena has suddenly gotten a whole lot more tempting!



21st October 2016


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