A Little Intro About El Mercado de San Miguel

El Mercado de San Miguel | Madrid, Spain

Famed for its exquisite produce and home to some of the greatest tapas in Spain, El Mercado de San Miguel has tourists and locals alike, enthralled with its gourmet tapas market. Built in 1916, the celebrated food market is only a stone’s throw away from the Plaza Mayor of Madrid. It has become an iconic feature in the Spanish capital over the past century and enchants guests with its gastronomical and cultural experience. An experience that as of 2016 has traveled continents to pop up in the cosmopolitan city of Miami.


The market has a whole spectrum of stalls from Beers & Beverages to Gastronomic Specialties. And with each visit there is always the opportunity to discover something different and indulge in a collection of new tastes.


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The Stalls

Beers and Beverages

Coffee shop



Fruits and vegetables

Gastronomic specialities


Meats and sausages


Pastas and Legumes





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