Mendin & Friends | Chef Angel Palcios of La Broche

The Apprentice and The Master


After many years of friendship and an international cooking adventure, a chef who was once an apprentice has now transformed into the master. And for one night only will be sharing the kitchen yet again with the man who ‘taught him everything’.


On Wednesday, October 12th, the all star chef series, Mendin & Friends, will rev up again. Chef’s Jose Mendin and Sergio Navarro will be eagerly awaiting the return of Michelin starred, Spanish Chef and also close friend Angel Palacios, back to the sunny city of Miami. More specifically, to the Pubbelly Boys Sunset Harbour kitchen, for an elaborate, 10 course Spanish tasting menu.


The tale of the apprentice and the master began with Chef Navarro’s internship at 2 Michelin star restaurant La Broche in Madrid, Spain. With the departure of the head chef, the greatly skilled, Chef Palacios took his place and aptly fitting to his name, became a guardian and teacher to Chef Navarro, educating the young and eager-eyed chef with everything he knew about the culinary world. Over the years Chef Navarro worked hard and evolved into a talent that made his teacher proud. In 2002, led by Chef Palacios the two good friends pioneered the opening of La Broche, Miami, renowned for exploding on the city’s food scene. After great success, the head chef ventured back to his homeland of Spain and Chef Navarro continued his Miami adventure.


And now, many years later, just like old times, the Spanish talents will be reunited in the Pubbelly kitchen, this time however, as master & master. A night hosted by Chef Mendin, once honored with cooking for the Prince of Spain, he takes great pleasure in embracing the European country’s rich ingredients and renowned culinary techniques in his cooking.


Overflowing with Spanish gastronomic wonders the three creative culinary master will have an entertaining night cooking for two sittings. The night will be yet another masterful episode from an unprecedented series of collaborations.


Date: Wednesday October 12, 2016

Seatings: 7PM & 9:30 PM

Tickets: $85 + tax & tip

7:00 PM Seating

9:30 PM Seating