Miami Is Getting Its First Vegetarian Gastropub Later This Year

by Olee Fowler | Eater Miami


Apparently healthy cuisine and comfort food can coexist — and that’s the goal of the upcoming Soul Tavern eatery, opening this fall in Sunset Harbour.


Soul Tavern is the brainchild of owner Jason Gordon, who the menu is based around the five elements of Chinese medicine including wood, fire, earth, metal and water.


The veggie-filled menu features 11 different pizzas topped with items like mushrooms, ginseng, pomegranate, pistachios, beets and lotus root; along with spins on classic bar grub like quiche tofu tots, a mushroom-filled “sloppy zhou” and tacos, and something called “high fries” served with spicy green tomato banana ketchup.


Like any good gastropub, it’ll feature a large assortment of beers, curated by Dale Thomas Vaughn who is the author of “Beer Snobs Are Boring,” along with wine, sake and a full bar.

And something that you won’t see at your standard bar: a line of 37 Chinese herbal elixirs meant to help customers with everything from to sleep to mood swings, plus a line of 25 cold-pressed juices will also be on hand.


Soul Tavern is slated to open later this year at 1801 West Avenue, and plans to serve lunch and dinner daily.


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