The Wait is finally over! Chef Jose Mendin’s First Ever Digital Recipe Book is Ready to Download

by Laura Latham


Miami food lovers are going wild for Chef Mendin’s latest culinary collaboration with Norwegian Cruise Line. And it’s all due to the release of his very first recipe book, Food Republic, presented in a digital format.


Thirty of his most popular recipes are now available to purchase for just $1.99 through the Colors & Flavors app, downloadable from the App Store & to be viewed on an iPad!


Overflowing with the inventive imagination of the Puerto Rican chef and his ability to fuse modern and traditional techniques, the book illustrates how you can fill your kitchen with the delightful aromas of a world class kitchen and cook like a top chef. Radiating with world class photography by Juan Fernando Ayora, the book is visually a piece of art that fuses a chef’s culinary talent and a photographer’s remarkable aptitude to capture this.


Food Republic by Chef Jose Mendin is complete with detailed recipes thoughtfully chosen from the Pubbelly Group’s restaurant on Norwegian Escape. Named after the on-board restaurant, readers can browse through a collection of recipe genres, including: Sharing Caring Tapas, Dumplings, Rice Noodles Soup, Sushi Bar, Grill Republic and Desserts.


You can envision the global escapades of Chef Mendin and how working at a collection of world class restaurants has impacted his sensitivity to experimenting with blending flavors, cuisines and cultures. And let’s not forget the influence of growing up in Puerto Rico, where Chef Mendin was continuously exposed to a heavy food culture. This is portrayed through his digital book, where the recipes share a vast amount of flavors from all over the world and are crafted using cooking techniques, both traditional and modern.


Scrolling through the recipes you begin to realize that Chef Mendin is an avid believer that dinner is a time to bond with friends and family and that his dishes are served at the center of the table in order to be shared, enhancing this special time. His cooking and serving style is exemplified throughout his digital recipe book, creating the perfect opportunity for readers to create for themselves an original, engaging and of course extremely delicious dining experience.


Chef Mendin proudly acknowledges the support of his fellow Pubbelly Chef’s, Sergio Navarro, Maria Orantes and Yuki Ieto, and has pulled out all the stops to produce a digital recipe book that leads readers into the depths of his way of thinking and how his strong spirit brings to life the Pubbelly kitchen. Not only does the food photography encapsulate the finesse and hard work behind the dishes, there are also glimpses into what life is like behind the scenes, with Chef Maria Orantes sharing her delight of working in such a fun & boundary pushing environment, the digital recipe book truly depicts how a great working atmosphere can lead to the outcome of a fantastic product.


The perfect finishing touch that is noted throughout the digital recipe book are the engaging snippets that detail the thoughts & travels of Chef Mendin that led to him produce his original, flavorsome and inventive dishes. Once you start swiping through the book, you will discover another side of the Puerto Rican chef that has never been exposed before.


 Now available now to purchase for just $1.99 through the Colors & Flavors app, downloadable from the App Store.


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