Croque Madame

Miami Smokers

Recipe by: Chef James Bowers & Chef Andres Barrientos

Photography byJuan Fernando Ayora


Croque Madame

A grilled cheese sandwich recipe straight from the Miami Smokers kitchen.


2 sliced sugar dough bread

1 T bacon fat *

4 oz Miami Smoker Sweet Ham **

3 slice Switzerland Swiss or Emental

1t Miami Smokers Beer Mustard ***

1 farm egg

2 T bechamel ****


Butter the bread with bacon fat or butter (preferably bacon fat) and toast on both sides.

When you flip the bread, cut a hole in one slice with a pastry ring. Crack your egg into the void. On the second slice spread the mustard thinly and add two slices of cheese

Quickly sear the ham on the plancha.

Flip the egg when the when the bottom side is toasted and the egg whites are almost set.

Once flipped spread béchamel and once slice of cheese. Top with ham in a pile.

When egg white is totally cooked and yolk is still runny (1-2min after previous step) top with second bread and cheese, flip, and serve….

*can be replaced with butter, but bacon fat is better

**sliced thin

***if you’re not lucky enough to have it, a whole grain mustard will work

****béchamel is a classic mother sauce, and the basis for Mac & Cheese. You should learn to make it

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