Spirit Professionals Unite

by Chat Chow TV


If you’re considering visiting the historic swamplands of New Orleans, you might want to wait till the weather is comfortably cool (from February to May) and not during the apex of summer, unless of course you’re in the spirits industry and attending Tales of the Cocktail, which happens to be the world’s premier cocktail festival.


Founded in 2002 and growing year-after-year, TOTC draws everyone who’s anyone in the beverage industry — from bar owners and keeps to distillers and brand ambassadors to food & drink writers and even hospitality mavens the likes of Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas from Alinea Group(who partook in a keynote discussion about the important relationship between the edible and potable).


While we unfortunately didn’t make it to said discussion because we arrived late —Thursday rather than its Tuesday kick-off — in the TOTC game, we made it just in time for the culmination and Miami takeover of The Broken Shaker House. Being off the French Quarter grid (and an unofficial TOTC event) didn’t stop Elad ZviGabe Orta, Gui Jarsochy and the Shaker fam from throwing one of the best house parties (complete with Elad as DJ Maccabi manning the ones and twos and dancer with whip in hand) and mixing some of the top cocktails of the week, namely a Jewish Grasshopper Piña Colada with Cruzan Dark and Light Rums, Fresh Coconut Cream, Crème de Cacao, Crème de Menthe, and Tahini. Yep. Tahini in a Piña Colada. We also drank a boozy (and far better) version of Mother’s Milk — a mango infused Cruzan Rum, Black Tea, Local Honey and Lemon Bitter Concoction — out of, wait for it… breast milk bags.


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