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Jose Mendin is a chef who has a non-stop flow of delicious recipe ideas continuously running through his head, so it’s sometimes hard to keep up with the magic the Puerto Rican chef produces in the Pubbelly kitchen. However, we have managed to keep up with his latest culinary creation; the Pubbelly Bao Buns. A mouthwatering combination of bite, flavor and melt in your mouth bun.


Proving extremely popular with locals in the Sunset Harbour, the Bao Buns have a diverse mix of tastes and textures, from the crunch of fried shiitake mushrooms to the juiciness of the slow cooked shortrib. Warning, your tastes buds will be left more than satisfied and probably wanting more!


The Pubbelly collection includes: Buffalo Sweetbreads, Lecon Asada, Baby Shitake, Softshell Chili Crab, Pork Belly, Shortrib.




Ordering 2 to 3 Bao Buns between 2 of you, as well as a selection of other small dishes from the Pubbelly menu will go down a treat. Chef Mendin’s style of serving food is to the center of the table, with dishes coming out in no particular order once they’ve been cooked. Being served family style works to a tee, as if you are tempted to order more (which always tends to happen with us at Pubbelly!) the service is so swift and the chefs so focused, that your 2nd helping will be with you fresh from the grill in no time.



   The Bao Buns

(Because who wouldn’t want to see a close up!)


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