Quality Meats and Edge Steak & Bar Join Forces for a Miami Spice Mash-Up to Remember

By Miami Food Pug


Miami Spice is our favorite time of year. When over 200 restaurants let diners try their fare at a fraction of the price, going out to eat for dinner every day is actually affordable. But while the two-month period gets all of the attention, the events leading up to the main event are just as fun and budget friendly. Case in point: the Miami Spice Mash-Ups.




These exciting collaborative dinners pair talented chefs for a memorable preview of their Miami Spice offerings. We were lucky enough to witness the work of Quality Meats’ Patrick Rebholz and Edge Steak & Bar’s Aaron Brooks at the latest mashup, which took place at QM on Miami Beach. Each chef prepared dishes for every course, which were all served family-style. We’ve been to Quality Meats plenty of times to know that Chef Rebholz holds nothing back, and we’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about Chef Brooks’ food. Needless to say, we were excited.


And rightfully so. Both chefs left us flabbergasted by the end of the meal. When we finished the dessert, we turned to each other and thought, “Did this really happen?” Yes, it did. This was quite possibly one of the best Miami Spice experiences we’ve had in a very long time. Actually, probably since trying QM’s menu last year. But enough hype — let’s talk food.


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