Faena’s Pao And C’est Rouge Takes Dinner And A Show To The Next Level

By Chat Chow

One of the many reasons New York is amongst the best cities in the world (aside from being the mecca of gastronomy) is because, on any given night, you can go out and enjoy dinner and a show. Here in sunny Miami we’re limited to just the weekends, and even that’s a new development thanks to venues like the Latin-inspired El Tucan’s and most recently Faena Miami Beach.


You’ve either seen or heard stories of Alan Faena, the Argentine hotelier and real estate developer building an entire playground district for Miami’s elite along Miami Beach’s thriving mid-beach corridor. Reminiscent of Mr. Gatsby (down to his white getup that has a bohemian meets South Beach twist), if there’s one thing the eccentric impresario who started out as a fashion designer and went on to establish the most valuable real estate (a $200 million development) in Buenos Aires likes is an almost unbelievably luxurious fete. So much so that at his one billion Magic City outpost, he’s incorporated a theatre where world-class artists such as Miguel and Miike Snow have taken center stage already and original productions in the form of dazzling cabarets are currently showing.

Besides the fact that you’ll feel already feel as if though you’ve entered a Baz Luhrman film (he and wife Catherine Martin are behind the interiors), Faena’s raising the curtain on C’Est Rouge, which will also transport you to what could very well be a European opera house (Paris’ The Lido particularly comes to mind).


Acrobats, contortionists, jugglers, live music, and craft cocktails throughout the entire spectacle make 90 minutes seem like an instant. But perhaps the best thing about C’Est Rogue is the fact that James Beard winner Paul Qui is serving up a pre-theatre pre-fixe at his gold unicorn and banana leaf laden eponymous modern Asian eatery Pao.


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