Food Republic | A Chef José Mendin Digital Recipe Book

A Chef Mendin, Norwegian Cruise Line and Colors & Flavors collaboration.


In late 2015, the Pubbelly Boys collaborated with Norwegian Cruise Line to open their very first at sea restaurant; Food Republic, on board the NCL Escape cruise ship. A Chef Mendin concept, the venue reflects the cultural and culinary diversity of the world and is a ‘a fusion of foods and cultures’. NCL notes how dining at Food Republic allows you to travel the world without ever leaving the ship.


Once the doors opened and the positive reviews started rolling in, the thought crossed minds to share a greater experience with guests and produce a Chef Mendin recipe book, full of the brilliant flavors on the menu. In light of how Food Republic dishes are ordered from an iPad menu and how the use of the technological device comes to us as second nature nowadays, Chef Mendin decided to create a digital recipe book that can be downloaded via the App Store through the Colors & Flavors app.


Tangible through just a touch of a screen, the digital recipe book is a collection of 30 recipes, thoughtfully collated by Chef Mendin from the menu at Food Republic and is aptly named after the at sea restaurant.


An exciting behind the scenes exclusive, exposes some of  the recipes in the digital recipe book, such as: Chef Mendin’s famous Pubbelly Brussels Sprouts, classic Pubbelly Sushi rolls and a selection of delicious dumpling recipes. Photographed by long-time friend and the finest food photographer in South Florida, Juan Fernando Ayora has captured Chef Mendin’s unique imagination,  food artistry and natural cooking talent.


A first of its kind, the Food Republic digital recipe book exposes the creativity of Chef Mendin and his ability to fuse flavors from different cultures and bring to life exciting new tastes. Once the digital recipe book is released, it will be time to get your apron on and start cooking!


Details on how to buy Chef Mendin’s ‘Food Republic’ digital recipe book, coming very soon!