By Sara Liss |


A first look at the new Pubbelly restaurant in downtown Miami


First Look gives you a weekly sneak peek into one of Miami’s new restaurants to watch. This week: PB Station

5 reasons to check out PB Station


1. It doesn’t feel like Miami in the best possible way.

Though the restaurant is housed in the swanky Langford Hotel (a renovated former bank) in downtown Miami, it feels miles away from the beach and palm tree-laden streets of South Florida. The space still retains its Beaux-Arts charm by evoking train stations (and places like Grand Central Oyster Bar) with white and black subway tiles, a soaring ceiling and low-but-flattering lighting.


2. The bread service.

Forget the basket of ho-hum dinner rolls, here you start things off with homemade biscuits with miso butter. It’s umami and home cooking in one delicious combo.


3. Meet the French Onion Soup Dumpling.

Imagine a dish of short rib dumplings submerged in onion soup gratinee and you have this rich, happy marriage of two types of comfort food.


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