A Cocktail in One Hand and a Donut in the Other

A Night of Donuts & Booze



You’re not a true Miami local if you haven’t had dinner at Pubbelly and tried one of their donuts. But, if you are yet to try, then pop by to Pawn Broker’s one night only, National Donut Day ‘Eve’ Party, a Pawn Broker Pubbelly original collaboration.


Hosted by Bar Chef Derek Stilmann, Downtown’s classiest rooftop bar will be coming together with Pubbelly to combine their imaginations, creating an evening dedicated to all things donut.


The menu will offer a collection of 6 donuts and if you’re looking for something a little adventurous, then order your very own ‘Happy Meal’. A combo box with a sweet donut, savory donut, a Pawn Broker cocktail and a surprise gift. The only difference with the infamous fast food chain and ours, is that our version is of course much tastier and has alcohol!


Coinciding with the bars #TBT Vinyl Night, the Thursday evening will be a concoction of donuts, cocktails and music. So, if you have a sweet tooth, you love a good ol’ drink and the classic sounds of a vinyl player, all of course on top of Downtown Miami’s stylish rooftop bar, then it’s pretty obvious where to be on the eve of National Donut Day.


Tip: Don’t arrive too late though, otherwise all the donuts may be gone!!



Pawn Broker

121 SE 1st St. Miami, FL 33131

8PM til Close