A Classic Collection of Sushi & Sake Pairings

Pubbelly Sushi | Chef José Mendin



Bigeye Tuna Roll & Yuki Kage


Bigeye tuna roll   $16

Spicy tuna “arroz pegao”, truffle oil, sea salt


Yuki kage “snow shadow” – tokubetsu junmai – 300ml bottle $37 glass $10

Prefecture: niigata, japan

Seimaibuai: rice milled to 58%

Alcohol: 14-15% by volume

Tasting note: 

Aroma shows green apple. Soft, medium bodied and long finish making it a good match for our bigeye tuna roll, since it has enough body to be enjoyed with  our roll but at the same time not overpowering its flavors.




Butter Crab Roll & Kirinzan


Butter crab roll   $11

Goma soy paper, kanikama, ponzu, warm clarified butter


Kirinzan – junmai – bottle 72oml $75  carafe $37  glass $9

Prefecture: niigata, japan

Seimaibuai: rice milled to 60%

Alcohol: 15-16% by volume

Rice:  gohyaku-man-goku and yukinosei

Tasting notes: 

Dry, pure & clean taste, hint of anise and subtle watermelon flavors. Matches well with most japanese dishes, especially when served room temperature or  lukewarm.




Yellowtail Roll & Manabito


Yellowtail roll    $15

Green soy paper, truffled yuzu, kanikama, nori flakes


Manabito – ginjo – bottle 1.8 lt $120 carafe $30 glass $ 9

Prefecture:  akita

Seimaibuai:  rice milled to 60%

Alcohol: 15.0% by volume

Rice:  gin no sei

Tasting notes: 

Clean, crisp, and refreshing. Its dry entry has a slight zest of grapefruit. Opens to reveal white stone fruits, nectarine or peach, making it a perfect match for  fresh white fish such as yellowtail.



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