2 Sunset Harbour Chefs, 1 Downtown Kitchen


Chef Jose Mendin | Chef Juliana Gonzalez | Chef Guillermo Concha


Thursday May 26th


On the evening of May 26th Chef Jose Mendin of PB Station will host the New American Eatery’s very first guest chef.


The Puerto Rican talent has invited long-time friend Chef Julianna Gonzalez of Barceloneta to collaborate. With neighboring restaurants in Sunset Harbour, the duo has joined forces, intertwining their brilliant imaginations to produce an exclusive New American family style Chef’s Choice menu.
Executive Chef, Guillermo Concho, the talent who mans the PB Station kitchen, will help bring the two chef’s menu to life and will share the Downtown platform with Chef Juliana.
A night created by two classic talents, diners will be in for a real treat and are sure to be overwhelmed by the combination of the evening’s rich New American flavors.


Tickets: $75 (excluding tax and tip)

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