KYU Restaurant Opening – New Positions Available

Managed by the exceptional Zuma, Miami alumni; Head Chef Michael Lewis and General Manager Steven Haigh will be swinging open the doors of their new Asian Grill to diners mid-February.

In a relaxed and friendly neighbourhood atmosphere, the chefs will take to the stage in the open kitchen whilst guests admire the chefs’ culinary skills and sip on aromatic cocktails. The Japanese and Southern style fused dishes will include: succulent duck breast complemented with a delicious side of yuzu pickles, a tender and juicy Wagyu Beef Brisket peppered with a touch of black shichimi and crispy Spicy Snapper Tartare.

Dedicated to staying loyal to green practices, KYU will place a strong focus on reducing waste, responsible food sourcing and even pledge to plant trees to make up for the use of their grand Wood Charcoal Grill.

The last touch that will truly bring KYU’s spirit to life and get the wheels moving, will be to put together a committed team of friendly servers, talented chefs and welcoming hosts.

If the grand opening of KYU has enticed you, then be sure to jump on the band wagon and find out more about working at this new, exciting Wynwood local.

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